Do people ask you what kind of music do you like anymore? Hopeless question, and I usually flounder. This blog is my best answer.

I grew up seeing the tail end of vinyl, buying cassettes (which gather dust at my folks), CDs, minidiscs (thanks Reef) and now to well, air. I'm no vinyl sniffer, but I have only just lost that physical link to music. I Spotify, Youtube, Myspace (if I have to), Soundcloud and however else I can get my fix.

So this is me, and this is the music I like. Enjoy yourself.


I want to make you dance, dance till you can’t dance no more. Or you can just sit and listen with a nice cup of tea.

(Source: Spotify)

Looking back over 2013 (and a little of 2012, because, well I’m a little slow) I’ve pulled together tracks I’ve enjoyed over the year. I’ve split them into two distinct moods, of staying in and going out. This, the slightly hermit version occupies the wider range of music, from electronica, guitar music, hip-hop and just plain old spaced out shit. I even snuck in some Spandau Ballet in the back door (because of the rather excellent Fade to Grey compilation, and the fact I’d never heard it before).

There has been so much good music this year, and even from this ‘chilled’ side of the fence you have Daft Punk with a bit of 80s funky gloriousness, Valerie June dancing between country and soul, Mogwai scaring the shit out of you with the threat of French zombies and King Krule sounding like a potty-mouthed, rock n’ roll, jazzy offspring of Ian Dury and Elvis Costello.

Seatbelts on for the ‘Night Out’ segment – what it may lack in breadth, it will make up for in enthusiasm and will go down well with a few vodkas.

(Source: Spotify)

Quite old school, nothing particularly new here, but it’s comforting, like a big old warm synthy blanket and falsetto slippers. Perfect warm up for some NYE preparations.

80s chorus beats, 90s ravey vocals, and a languid smooth rhythm holding your hand throughout the five plus minutes. Pure seduction.

With the grey, pissy skies of London giving us all epic doses of SAD – this feels like a slither of sunshine breaking through and warming the bones.

A new mix for your lugholes for the winters months – a bit of soul, electronic, new wave, trip-hop, hip-hop, and bit of everything as usual.

(Source: Spotify)

The Erykah Badu-ish Lion Babe, struts and skips over crackling samples and stuttering beats. It’s nearly a year old granted, but fuck it, still sounds fresh after a year on the shelf.

The Magician (Official) 

I’m ridiculously late on this particular bandwagon, but my god, this man can make a mixtape. He’s on number 35, so there is literally days of music to get through, and will have you Shazamming like an idiot every 5 minutes. Your life will be better after listening to these mixes. Better than David Blaine freezing his nuts off in an icecube.

Lots of good music this month, a fair bit of diving back into the past (hello Spandau Ballet, Minnie Ripperton, KRS-one!) and fair bit of housey / electro diving. I’m sure you will at least like one track on here, hopefully more.

(Source: Spotify)

Astounding remix, old school and modern at the same time.

Two of my favourite UK electronic acts, in one place. Fantastic. Disclosure - F For You (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs remix)

(Source: Spotify)

This is like trying to eat donuts without licking your lips, can you listen to this without bobbing your head? No, it’s impossible.

Lovely DFA-esq mix from Roosevelt, I’m really keen to hear more stuff from them after ‘Sea’ a little while back.

TEED gives a light touch on this sweet vocal by BANKS. Sinking into a warm a bath – does exactly what is says on the tin.

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